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Featured Brand: Flat Fitty Summer ’13

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Hibiscus Summer 2013

We’re extremely excited to introduce to you a brand new line of headwear at Billion Creation from Flat Fitty! Flat Fitty is a relatively new name in the streetwear world, but has already gained a reputation for offering exceptional headwear. They’ve made a name for themselves by partnering with industry leading celebs such as Wiz Khalifa and DJ Drama. They’ve built their brand around two words: Luxury and Innovation. Flat Fitty utilizes lush fabrics and high quality materials in order to maintain the reputation of a luxury brand. They are constantly changing the fashion game with their dope prints and unique designs. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect time for bringing in Flat Fitty, since they just dropped their 2013 Summer Collection. We carefully selected our five favorite designs from the drop that are true trend setters.

Paradise Summer 2013

This collection features some fun floral prints that are going to be perfect for summer. The Hibiscus hat features an all over Hawaiian print with a svelte leather patch logo. This hat also features a high quality leather strapback, making this hat an easy decision for summer. We can’t forget about the Paradise snapback though. This hat features the bird of paradise print in a truly unique way. There is some triangular patch work with the print on the front of the cap that I haven’t seen from anyone else! These two floral print caps will help you get ready for summer in the most stylish way possible.

Tie-Dye Summer 2013

Another staple for the summer is going to be mixing different prints. I think Flat Fitty hit this one out of the park. When you ask yourself what goes well with a trendy print like camo, I’m sure your first thought is tie-dye, right? Well, that’s what the innovating design team at Flat Fitty decided with their Tie-Dye Summer Collection. This bold snapback features an all over tie-dye print with an embroidered camouflage logo on the front. The combination of these two radically different prints somehow come together in perfect harmony. Wiz Khalifa has even been seen rocking this tie-dye and camo collaboration!

Lightning Summer 2013

Flat Fitty, of course, had to hit up the trend that’s sweeping the west coast. The Lightning snapback from their 2013 Summer Collection features a visor with an all over marijuana leaf print. This hat is straight up dope and showcases the brands attention to detail. Like most of the hats in this collection, the Lightning features a matching under visor print to add an extra little pop. An embroidered logo on the under visor is hard to find nowadays, and helps us to appreciate the brand that much more. The clean white pop of this hat against that bright green pot leaf print makes this hat another perfect addition for summer.

Gold Blooded
Gold Blooded Summer 2013

The final design we picked up from their Summer Collection is the Gold Blooded snapback. This is where you can really see the luxurious vibe they have successfully achieved. You immediately know that the hat is made of premium materials as soon as you pick it up. The substantial weight of the gold chain makes this hat feel like a solid piece. Black and gold is a classic color combination that will inevitably remain in fashion for years to come. The front logo also features a leather patch and metallic gold embroidery that gives this hat a feeling of luxury and richness. This accomplishment is hard to come by, especially with hats, so we give them mad props for this one.

Flat Fitty is one of our new favorite brands for their premium hats and sick designs. Their attention to detail never fails to amaze. The snaps on the back even have “Flat Fitty” embossed into the plastic! These caps will help you get ready to beat the summer heat, while making sure your game is on point. All the caps shown in this post are available Here or in store. Thank you for helping us welcome the new luxury headwear innovators at Flat Fitty!