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Top Five Stocking Stuffers This Holiday Season

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StockingStuffersBlogAhh yes, it’s Christmas time. If you’re scrambling for a last minute gift or just wanted to give a cool gift without breaking the bank, we have five great stocking stuffer ideas for all the people on your nice list.

Counting down from number five:

StockingStuffersCapCare5. New Era Hat Cleaners: Cap Brush ($5), Cap Guard Protectant Spray ($10), Cap Freshener Cleaning Spray ($10)

No one wants to buy cleaning products for their hats, but everyone appreciates having it. We have three different cleaning products that allow your cap connoisseur to keep their favorite caps nice and tidy. The cap brush is a great accessory to have. It is highly effective in removing lint and other particles stuck to a hat. Dog hair, gone. Dust, adios. Other stuff, hasta la vista. Cap brushes can also get into all the hard to reach the corners of a cap and it can be used on and around logos without worry about pulling any of the logo threads.

The Cap Guard spray is a great way to protect caps against all of life’s situations. Spraying this on a cap protects it from water, stains and dirt. Water slides off, and dirt and stains come off with some easy wiping.

If your hat is already dirty, the New Era Cap Freshener can fix that. It’s like Febreze and Oxy Clean rolled into one and engineered for maximum cleaning power for hats.

StockingStuffersBelts4. New Era Rubberized Web Belt ($19.99)

New Era brought their A game and created some really beautiful web belts. The web belts hook up perfectly with New Era’s hats. The Galaxy Print is even the same design as the Galaxy Print series of hats that New Era created from actual images of space from the Hubbell Telescope. These belts also have quality parts, with rubberized metallic fasteners and ends.

StockingStuffersBitesClips3. New Era Cap Accessories: New Era Cap Bites ($9.99), New Era Hat Clips ($5.99)

New Era cap bites were first introduced several years ago through New Era Japan. They are little metallic New Era logos that attach to the visor. Just another great way to accessorize your cap.

New Era hat clips are little clips that allow you to attach your hat to your belt loop, backpack, and basically anything else that has a loop, keeping it free from being sat on or forgotten. It looks like a double sided carabiner, with one side looping through the hat (usually the sizing tag on the inside of the hat) and the other side looping to whatever you want to fasten your hat to.

This is the best invention in headwear that most people still don’t know about. How often have you lost your hat because you took it off and set it down somewhere, or gotten your hat dirty or crushed because you set it down somewhere, or just worried about it because you set it down somewhere? Now you can protect your hat and keep it safe even if you are not wearing it. If you don’t have this already, this is an awesome gift. If you do have this already, you can never have too many.

StockingStuffersBeanies2. Beanies ($5-$30)

Beanies are a great gift because baby it’s cold outside. Beanies come in all shapes and sizes making them easier to match up with the person you are buying for. With over 100 different styles to choose from, Billion Creation is your beanie source this holiday season.

StockingStuffersSocks1. Socks ($10-$25)

Getting socks for Christmas used to be like getting lumps of coal in your stocking. No more. Today, socks are an increasingly popular way to accessorize an outfit. The socks of today are loud and proud, a way to express one’s personal aesthetic. The quality of socks has also improved quite dramatically. Heavy hitters like Stance, LRG, DGK, and Odd Future really hold it down with their thick quality fabrics and vibrant designs.