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Featured Brand: Division of Labor

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DOLAltru Apparel has just released their first two collections in its Division of Labor t-shirt line. The two collections are called  “The Road to Excess” and “Hell is Empty” and both feature modern designs that will leave a lasting impression on the fabric of streetwear. These collections act as the intersection for gallery art and street art, fusing the two together. Featuring freelance-photographer Ted Emmons, as well as the compelling photography of Neil Krug and  Mandy-Lyn, these collections explore the darker side of the animal kingdom with dramatic photography of lions, jaguars, and snakes.

Division of Labor also included photograph prints of Magnus Gjoen’s beautiful porcelain creations. Magnus Gjoen currently works as the designer & graphic designer for Vivienne Westwood. His unique prints exemplify the duality of having something violent and dangerous, such as weapons, be made out of something as delicate and precious as porcelain. This idea truly shines light on the misconception of beauty. The fallacy that destructive and violent things cannot be beautiful. Through this collection, however, you realize that everything exemplifies beauty in its own way.

Division of Labor’s first drop is a huge success. They are already receiving a lot of love with support from the streetwear Gods at Hypebeast. With even more designs still to come, this is just a glimpse into their first summer collection. Please enjoy the following images of actual print designs from “The Road to Excess” and “Hell is Empty” collections now available at Billion Creation.

JaguarSnake & Lion

Delft Porcelain Delft Skull Delft Beetle