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2013 Custom Collection: Makaveli

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For the second design in our 2013 Custom Collection, we really turned on the light bulb for this one. We took the classic SD blackout cap and married it with a camouflage visor. Camouflage print has gotten a lot of play this season. This comes as no surprise as the rugged style military look has been a major influence in fashion for the past couple seasons. We wanted to make this camo pattern distinctly street, so we overlayed a paisley bandana print in black on top of the camo print. What we got was something that is pure genious. Both patterns are still clearly visible, yet complement each other perfectly. The bandana print is given an almost three dimensional level of depth of from the camo print. While the camo print, although having military roots, is now all street. So simple, you’d think it would have been done already.

As with all our custom designs, we tried to include some nice details to this cap. The camo and bandana print could cover the entire visor, under and on top. And we once again have the signature 59FIFTY gold sticker print inner lining on the front two panels.  Makaveli3_mini