Stance Socks bring style, comfort, and performance to any outfit.

Here at Billion Creation, we're committed to the brands that push the boundaries of their respective genre. Naturally, we're also committed to their consumers. For Stance -- one of our most trusted providers -- that means athletes, creatives, artists, and individuals who place an emphasis on individuality.

Stance began its life as a small, San Clemente-based startup in 2009, focusing primarily on the revitalization of one of the wardrobe's most undervalued items -- the sock. To do so, the brand turned to its roots in creative expression, crafting a lineup of bright, colorful, eye-catching examples that would breathe new life into the world of soft-knit footwear. However, this was much more than a visual adaptation of the classic. Stance underpinned this evolution with a unique technical approach, creating bespoke iterations of its socks through the implementation of FEEL360 and INFINKNIT branding.

Eventually, the brand's socks would be adopted by a wide range of individuals, including professional athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and those looking to add a dash of creativity to their everyday wardrobe. This led to the formation of Stance's primary consumer group, Punks & Poets -- an amalgamation of cultural influencers that would help to place the brand at the precipice of contemporary streetwear. Now, Stance's captivating apparel pieces can be found in over 40 countries, adorning the feet of the daring.

To show our support, we keep a wide variety of Stance's most popular styles, sizes, and colorways in stock!

Men's Sock SizesS/YLMLXLXXL
US Shoe Sizes3-5.56-8.59-1314-1617-20
EU Shoe Sizes35-3738-4243-4647-50
Japan Shoe Sizes20.5-2324-26.527-3031-34
UK Shoe Sizes1.5-4.55.5-88.5-11.512.5-15.5
Brazil Shoe Sizes32-3536-39.540-4445.5-48

Women's Sock SizesSMLOS
US Shoe Sizes5-7.58-10.511-13.56-10
EU Shoe Sizes35-3738-4243-4536-41
Japan Shoe Sizes22-24.525-27.528-2923-27
UK Shoe Sizes3-5.56-8.59-104-8
Brazil Shoe Sizes32-3536-39.540-4333.5-38.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's so special about Stance socks?

A: Stance is a brand that values personality and expression above all else, but that doesn't mean that the company's socks are lacking in terms of technicality. Each sock is crafted from high-quality fabrics and features a seamless, bunch-free design, mid-foot arch support, and anatomical styling, meaning that they've been shaped/formed for use on a specific foot.

Q: Anatomical? How can I tell which foot my Stance sock goes on?

A: Stance's socks feature a wide range of textures, colors, and styles, but they have one aspect that remains (relatively) the same -- the logo. For the brand's Casual socks, the logo will always be facing inward (ie. on the inside of your calf), ensuring that you'll always have the "right" sock on the "right" foot. For the brand's Sport socks -- like their over-the-calf and quarter variants -- the logo will face the outside of the leg.

Q: Why are Stance socks so expensive? 

A: Stance has dominated the sock market for years, giving them a foothold over many of the genre's common brands. Not only does the outfit create some of the most functionally-efficient socks around (thanks to its expansive catalog of wools, nylons, polyesters, acrylics, silks, and types of cotton), but it also goes above and beyond to ensure that each design is as bombastic as the last. Finally, Stance employs some of the sock world's most interesting technologies, including FEEL360 and INFIKNIT.

Q: What is Stance FEEL360?

A: FEEL360 is one of Stance's many proprietary technologies. Put simply, it's a fiber treatment that keeps the socks lightweight, cool, fresh, and dry, making them perfect for athletic applications. As an added bonus, the brand's FEEL360 socks are antibacterial, helping to keep odor to a minimum.

Q: What is INFIKNIT?

A: Stance's claim to fame is its INFIKNIT lineup, which features socks that "never rip" and "never tear." To achieve this, the brand had to refine the sock-making process, designing a brand-new variant that utilizes a specialized air-jet process, premium yarns, and texturized nylon to create the industry's most resilient footwear knit. Worried that you'll put them through their paces? Don't worry, Stance offers a Lifetime Guarantee on each INFIKNIT model.