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Twenty years of HUF continues with the Fall 2022 collection. This season, we’re bringing the squad together across the globe for a “strength in numbers” take on our 20th Anniversary. It’s an international celebration, with connects to our friends in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America, with the product offering taking inspiration from Keith Hufnagel’s personal style and original vision for the brand.
Look for celebratory pieces like the 20 Year Classic H Varsity Jacket and other select 20th Anniversary pieces, including a special HUF Worldwide Champions Ring. We also pulled some of our favorite pieces from the archives this season, rehashing graphics from the brand’s beginnings, and running the same signature HUF green labels that were found on product in the original SF store. Join us in celebrating 20 years of the brand with the Fall collection. Like everything else in 2022, this one is for Keith. His legacy continues to live on at HUF today, tomorrow, and forever

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