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Attention To Detail: Bulls Garter Lava

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The only non SD hat we produced as part of our 2013 Custom Collection is the Bulls Garter Lava. This hat is a play on the use of snakeskin. Instead of trying something new here, we focused on the details. We took the old school Hardwood Classics Bulls logo and used the team colors for the hat. For the visor, we chose a very high grade faux snakeskin that has really amazing texture to it. It actually feels like real snakeskin. We chose the snakeskin color carefully so that it really conveys a sense of strength and ferocity and a deep brooding fire. It’s as we skinned a snake made out of fire and lava to make this hat. We also took the time to incorporate the snakeskin as fill accents within the Bulls logo on front and the Hardwood Classic logo on the back. As with every hat in the 2013 Custom Collection, we finished this hat off with the signature 59FIFTY gold sticker print as the inner lining of the front two panels.

New Era 5950 Garter Lava Fitted Hat