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Supra first opened its doors to the public in 2006 and is now one of the world’s leading independent footwear brands. Angel Cabada, Supra’s founder, along with several other professional skateboarders, came together and made this “underground idea” in California into a “crazy explosion” that has found fame all over the world.

Supra Shoes

The Supra shoe company is known for its wide range of styles, making sure that there is a shoe for every skateboarder out there. They are most known for their groundbreaking silhouettes, different combinations of materials, and dynamic color mixes. Most of Supra’s designs are inspired by Southern Californian skateboarding culture, allowing them to stay connected to their origins and close to the hearts of their skateboarders.

Supra provides riders with many options, whether it is a colorful hightop shoe or a simple and minimalistic midcut. Aside from those outer looks, the inside is made with the best technologies that provide extreme comfort. Their midtop cuts hug your ankle for extra support, while not feeling restrictive at all. Supra’s shoes also feature superior heel protection, a SupraFoam midsole for extra comfort, and protection from impact. Some of their other shoes are made with vulcanized soles for even more stable support on the go.

Supra Hats

Aside from the stylish Supra shoes at Billion Creation, the brand is also known for their hats. The hats have a snapback design and are made from premium materials. They also feature high-quality embroidery of the Supra branding.

About Supra

The company released a coffee table book in December 2012, featuring the company’s humble history and products. It also serves as a catalog for their unique designs and their very own riders and collaborations. Supra is often endorsed by the world’s biggest celebrities, including Jay-Z and DJ Steve Aoki.

Their wild and world-class designs have brought them into the international audience, especially after the endorsement of the biggest celebrities, artists, and athletes. However, that is not the only reason they are sought after. Supra creates products that are of high quality, promising skateboarders that they have their back on or off their boards.