Pro skate shoes are created in collaboration with the best skaters in the world. Find your favorite skater kicks here at Billion Creation. Never to be left behind, the pro skate shoe trend lives on. These shoes have transcended the lingering memory of your skateboard experience, and have magnified the feelings of comfort and security in your stride. Pro skate shoes at Billion Creation are incredibly advanced in technology: from sophisticated impact-cushion to heightened board feel, it comes as no surprise that they are some of the most sought after shoes.

Stitching of Pro Skate Shoes

Pro skate shoemakers give careful attention to the seams, because the shoes were designed for intense physical activity and footwork, the tearing cannot be avoided overtime. But, it is for the same reason that these shoes are just a notch higher than normal shoes. Companies such as Vans have made it so that the seams do not tear easily, by reinforcing the especially vulnerable areas such as the toecap.

Material of Pro Skate Shoes

The best and most durable of this kind are mostly made of leather or suede. Some designs even promote breathability, by making use of breathing holes. Skate shoes are already known to last longer than normal due to the nature of its function, but pro skate shoes are even more heavily braced. An extra layer of material is usually added to the toecap and the sides of the shoes. This considerably makes the pro skate shoes more durable.

Padding of Skate Shoes

Padding and cushioning are an integral element of good skate shoes. Usually, the technology, which Vans uses for their pro line is Ultracush HD. Although innovations vary depending on the companies, the end goal is ultimately the same – a comfortable and stable walking and skateboarding experience. Other shoes are designed to brace for very high impact and others for flexibility. You have the liberty of choosing which suits you the most.

All in all, pro skate shoes are built for high impact and maximum stability. They are extremely practical and highly fashionable! What’s more is that Billion Creation is here to provide you with the best of the pro skate shoes available, with products from some of the most trusted brands, such as Vans and DC, you are sure to get a perfect pair for you!