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‘Last year we experienced a nostalgic rebirth when we re-released the iconic Dead Serious Hoody.  This year get ready as we continue down the path of streetwear history with continued vintage releases.  The legendary story of LRG lives on through Heritage Releases.

From deep in the vaults we bring you the Trenchtown Rockers tracksuit.  Originally released in 2004 using up-and-coming rapper Kanye West in our print advertising.  The suit featured a large back embroidery and many other design details.  It ended up setting the table for what became the expected norm from LRG.  Following the success of Trenchtown Rockers, the LRG track jacket went on to become the top look in hip-hop culture.

In 2007, following the success of the full-zip Dead Serious Hoody, LRG continued with the Friday the 47th Hoody.  Complete with chainsaw applique, full zip with hockey mask face covering, and horizontal striping, this piece celebrates 80’s horror film classics.’


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