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Launched in 2020, the Vans Rowan Pro is a reflection of its namesake. The Rowan Pro shoe skates like a boss and has style and personality. These shoes are packed with new features and technology from Vans for superior feel, comfort, and durability. The insole is made with Popcush. This is a pro skate impact protection and energy return foam that decreases fatigue for longer skating. The sole is made with Sickstick, a pro skate rubber compound designed for more grip, limitless flexibility and maximum durability. The front of the Rowan Pro is reinforced with Duracap, which is a reinforced durable rubber underlay in high-wear areas, acting like armor plating so these shoes can last forever. This is a low top sneaker in blue and white.

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Popcush cushioned insole technology
Sickstick technology for better grip and durability
Duracap front welding for extra protection in high wear and tear areas