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The High Rise brand is a premiere brand specifically for the 420 Lifestyle. As part of The High Rise Media, High Rise Company offers a lifestyle brand for the cannabis gang since 2011. High Rise Media is famous for creating excellent content and community connectors in the cannabis industry. Founded by Erin Coffey and Derek Fukuhara, the company uses its unique creative designs in creating its line of apparel and accessories. They aim to provide affordable and inexpensive herbalist apparel in designs that suit everyone’s taste and style.

The High Rise Clothing and Apparel

Apparel and clothes designed and marketed by The High Rise Co. are ideal for those who are looking for comfortable and stylish herbalist pieces of clothes. The High Rise Co. offers a wide variety of 420 cannabis community apparel and clothes in designs that suit the people who are influenced by the brand. Garments include the Rise-Up shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, and sweatshirts for teens, young adults, and adults, both men, and women.

The High Rise Apparels collaborated with different brands like Tribal, FGO, OG, Weed World, Gang Shit, GAS, Flip That Shit, America on Deck, Always Pushing, Pass That Shit, Rari, and many more. The High Rise clothing and apparel can be worn in any season.

The High Rise Accessories

Accessories like hip bags, hats, beanies, shades, and socks are also offered in different colors, designs, and styles. Billion Creation offers The High Rise Down –N-Out beanies in black and navy colors.

About The High Rise Co

The High Rise Company is a small company based in California. It is founded in 2011 by Founded by Erin Coffey and Derek Fukuhara, a former professional skateboarder. The company’s vision is heavily inspired by nature, skateboarding, arts, and music.

The High Rise Media is the leader when it comes to cannabis marketing influencer. The agency specializes in the content creation and social media management of the 420 cannabis significant brands, as well as the cannabis and herbalist products. The agency also provides services such as photography, video customization and editing, branding, and designs. They have the largest cannabis influencer network, and with its 420 marketing category, The High Rise Media is the only place to go for any cannabis marketing in the industry.