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SSUR is a New York-based clothing brand founded by Ruslan Karablin, who was popularly known as Russ back in 1992. SSUR, which was named after RUSS spelled backward, is the brand that epitomizes luxury streetwear and encompasses the Russian artistic heritage. The release of the brand’s “COMME des FUCKDOWN” logo and “COCO MADE ME DO IT” captured the attention of the world in the streetwear fashion and industry. This satirical logo brought the SSUR streetwear brand into fame.

SSUR Shirts & Clothing

SSUR brand offers a wide range of clothing and apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, outerwear, shorts, and pants for men, women, and kids. SSUR also features denim and jeans with five pockets and button fly designs. More designs are available, including sweatpants and chino pants.
The apparel features the heritage of the brand’s root in its prints and graphics. Also, collaborations with major brands happened throughout the years, which resulted in more unique designs. Among the significant collaborations include Clot, Shady, Been Trills, British Knights, Guerilla FC, Might Healthy, Crooks & Castles, Caviar Cartel, Channel, DC Shoes, Carhartt, and many more. Here at Billion Creation, SSUR white T-shirt with SSUR logo is on display.

Collections of SSUR apparel and accessories are also offered. The Spring Signature Collection has the sunny luxurious aesthetics, while the Spring Jamaica Collection boasts of the Jamaica style and fashion. Summer Cornerstone Collection, Black Sea Caviar Cartel Collection, Radicals Capsule Mishka Collection, Fall/Winter Control Hi Rose Camo Collection, and more are featured with the signature streetwear designs and prints.

SSUR Accessories

SSUR offers hats and beanies come in different styles. Among them are bucket hats, crown bucket hats, snapback caps, and beanies.
SSUR collectible accessories include SSUR mugs, wallets, pins, stickers, sunglasses, lighters, and many designed in partnership with major brands.

About SSUR

For more than two decades in the industry, SSUR is recognized as the brand where the Russian culture and heritage collide with the hip-hop culture. Its first flagship store was opened in Shanghai and another one Los Angeles, California.

Drawing inspiration from the famous imperial art by Keith Haring and Stussy, the SSUR clothes are designed with more profound concepts to offer more than just a commercialized brand of streetwear but a meaningful one. According to Russ, the brand and its unique designs reflect his interests, memories, opinions, travels, observations, and personality. SSUR reflects Russ Karablin.