Levi’s Skateboarding is an authentic Levi’s collection of skateboarding clothing and apparel. The skateboard collection features a wide range of lifestyle clothing such as skate shirts, work trousers, flannels, jackets, tees, denim, shoes, and accessories. Levi’s combines style, comfort, durability, and superior construction and materials to create the Levi’s Skateboard Collection. Whether you are a professional or amateur skateboarder, or you are a surfer, snowboarder, or biker, Levi’s denim and clothes are a must-have.

Originally making high-quality denim and jeans since 1873, Levi’s Strauss & Company aims to provide an authentic line of clothing for everyone, including the free-spirited and passionate skateboarders.

Levi’s Skateboarding Denim Jeans

Levi’s Skateboarding collection also offers a line of skate denim made for skaters. It includes the famous Levi’s Skateboarding 501 denim and 511 denim. The pants are made from updated iconic Levi’s 501 and 511 styles and added with lycra and Cordura fibers that keep the jeans more durable and stretchy use after use. Levi’s Skate denim are also designed in different styles and models such as the 512 slim taper, work pants, carpenter pants, baggy five pockets, skate shorts, and more.

Billion Creation offers the Levi’s Skate 511 Caviar Bull jeans in a slim-fit 5-pocket design and the Levi’s Skate Riveter Shirt Bayan Jet Black. BC guarantees that the products are authentic Levi’s products made with the brand’s traditional 100% cotton denim and Cordura fibers.

Levi’s Skateboarding Clothes

Levi’s Skateboarding clothing is the staple brand for many professional skateboarders. Levi’s Skateboarding offers a variety of designs to choose from – from the classic skate shirts designed with the brand logo and other interesting, unique graphics to all kinds of tops for sports and outdoor activities.

Levi’s Skateboarding collection also includes skater jackets, sweatshirts, pullovers, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and vests.

About Levi’s Skateboarding

Levi’s Strauss & Co features the Levi’s Skateboarding collection created and designed intended to support the skateboarding communities worldwide. For LS&Co, the collection is more than just a line of clothes but a symbol of support to keep the skateboarding community rolling on day after day.

Levi’s Strauss & Company was founded in May 1853 by Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss saw the need for a durable and usable pair of working pants when miners during the Gold Rush used their ordinary pants at work. It started the concept of the Levi’s denim and the goal to provide everyone with comfortable and fashionable clothes.