Suavecito is one of the leading companies that specialize in top-quality pomade hair grooming products. The company commits itself to continually develop grooming products that work for all types of hair, without breaking the bank. They are well known in several countries for their pomade for women and especially for men.

Pomade is the company’s main product that works for all types of hair, with different main ingredients that cater to different individual preferences and needs. Aside from delivering a stylish hold, Suavecito pomades are rich with vitamins and essential oils. The company features water-based pomade, oil-based pomade, hybrid pomade, clay pomade, and a matte pomade. Suavecito also offers products for women called Suavecita, which include pomade for eyebrows.

Suavecito Original Pomade

The original pomade is water-based, which is easy to apply and to wash off. The consistency of the pomade is smooth and creamy, so it is easy to work with. It provides a polished look with the classic Suavecito scent and a very tight, stronghold that works well with different hair types, especially with thick and curly hair, which may be challenging to style with other products.

Suavecito (paste) Matte Pomade

The matte pomade offers a medium-bodied hold without any shine, which has an effect of a natural-looking style for a more casual look. This hair product will stay workable throughout the day, giving its wearer the flexibility to change their hairstyle whenever needed.

Suavecito Clay Pomade

This pomade gives volume to the hair due to the clay formula. The product can make hair look thicker and feel heavier. Suavecito hair clays work well for all skin types. It helps repair damaged hair and reduces the dryness of the scalp, which also promotes hair growth. The Suavecito clay pomade gives a natural look or a matte finish and is easy to use and wash out.

About Suavecito

Suavecito started in 2008 in Santa Ana, California, by brothers Pete and Tony Adame, with their childhood friend J-Bird. Suavecito came from very humble beginnings. Pete, influenced by motorcycles, tattoos, and the barbershop culture, decided to mix his water-soluble pomade, which is now known as Suavecito pomade. He intended to make it for the entire neighborhood to offer more quality products, as compared to the ones in the market, which cost more than its quality.

Fast forward to 2020, Suavecito is now a booming company, forming its own culture and art. This extends to several countries in the world, including several in Europe, Australia, and some countries in Asia.