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The Hundreds is taking it back to the late 90s, when a 10-year-old kid, his motley crew of friends, and their tiny pocket-sized monsters took the world by storm and became a cultural phenomenon. So, break out your best cards and assemble your fiercest fighters because The Hundreds and Pokemon are joining forces for the collaboration of the year, and you won’t want to miss it.

When Pokemon broke the barriers of Japan and began to dominate the youth’s attention worldwide, it couldn’t be stopped. Trading cards, toys, video games, and a wildly popular anime were just the beginning. Pokemon was everywhere, from merch to the movie theaters, and we couldn’t get enough. The story of Ash Ketchum and his quest to become a Pokemon Master captivated us all, and the expansive world of Pokemon is still bringing people together today.

Countless friends were made by trading Pokemon cards on the bus ride to school or at recess, and they continue to be made through playing Pokemon games online and IRL, and collecting toys and other memorabilia. Pokemon’s consistent community-building makes it a perfect match for The Hundreds, where people come before the product always.

The Hundreds X Pokemon collection brings some of the most iconic pieces of Pokemon lore to life and allows fan-favorite Pokemon characters to shine like never before. The collection includes standout pieces such as a Letterman Jacket, Cardigan Sweater, and custom allover print Denim, as well as The Hundreds staples like Graphic T-Shirts, Pullover Hoodies, Sweat Sets, Tote Bags, collectible Stickers, and Keychains.

The highlight of the entire collection is an incredible recreation of Ash Ketchum’s signature cap he’s seen wearing throughout his entire Pokemon Master journey. The Ash Strapback is made of premium wool and leather and is a must-have for Pokemon fans young and old. You’ll want to wear one and keep one on ice next to your most prized Pokemon cards and toys

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