The term jacket may seem straight to the point, but in reality, there is actually more than one type available, varying in styles and designs throughout history. As such, Billion Creation can give you a handful of jackets for each occasion, perfect in the streets, or more formal events. Being unfamiliar with the jackets you buy can give you a bit of trouble when choosing what you want, making a simple guide somewhat invaluable!

Khaki Jackets

With casual streetwear combinations that are easy to put together in seconds, khaki jackets are a thing to wear. With the recognition of being a safe go-to outfit, the apparel found in Billion Creation is a goldmine when discerning for khaki jackets that can manifest that rugged, military-style that you want!

Fleece Jackets

Made from polyester-synthetic wool, this lightweight casual jacket can be worn for good insulation in cold weather. Known as an inherently “flexible” style, you can have a strong, quick-drying, fleece jacket, ready to grab at Billion Creation!

Bomber Jackets

Also known as a flight jacket, bomber jackets are durable, zippered jackets with cuffs made elastic or fitted. Previously used as uniforms, these jackets are now worn by all types of professions, especially skaters who love a good all-around, comfy jacket to use. With bomber Jackets available at Billion Creation, you will be flying high.

Track Jackets

Whether you’re doing laps with your board or socially enjoying the city view, a track jacket is an excellent option. With a lightweight design and feature that shows practicality, it is the jacket made for a more leisurely approach. Having a jacket that can match track pants or the traditional jeans, the track jackets at Billion Creation can enhance your look!

Hooded Jackets 

With practicality and stylish looks in-store, a hooded jacket is a must-have for every man. Not only will it keep your face and hair dry in the rain, but it also doubles as fashionable streetwear. With hooded jackets available in Billion Creation to suit your opted outfit choices, your favorite way to dress up will not have to wait!

While jackets are awkward to use outside, changing that perspective will always be an option to count on, as it can let you function on a hot day, or in cold weather. Protecting you is the main goal, but the style that you get as a bonus can give you a spotlight of your own. As the jackets at Billion Creation can live up to your expectations, get a pair that you know will work specifically for your applications!