Sandals & Slides

Like butter and bread, sandals and slides are a pair made for the summer. Easy to use and affordable, you can slip in with some thick socks, and you are good to go. Billion Creation has a collection of designs and colors, it is sure to match any outfit that you decide to dress up in. Get funky and loose with the sandals and slides that are available right now at Billion Creation!

Leather Strapped Flip-Flops

Having some trust issues with what a flip flop can do? No need to worry, because, with leather-strapped flip-flops in Billion Creation, you can get the security that you want! Bring the breathable footwear back inside the skating community, as high-quality flip-flops offer soft padding and grip to accompany you throughout your leisurely activities. Each step you take will send you walking on the clouds!

Minimalist Slides

Appreciating the simple things in life is never a bad thing, so let Billion Creation lend a helping hand! Be the simple dude or gal who wears minimalist slides, avoiding the hassle of too much attention. Available in colors such as black, white, pink, red, blue, and velvet, you can find some slides useful for any day-to-day outfit. Looking to get the slides that are minimal and slick? Just scroll down the page and you will see the slides you are sure to want!

Intrepid and Stylish Slides

Feel the summer heat crawl on your skin while being bold — put on some intrepid and stylish slides! They have designs that bring back the 90s while still helping you to showcase your individuality. The aesthetics of these slides are a sight to behold! As brands such as Vans and DGK are sold at Billion Creation, you will not only look trendy but also turn heads as you walk along the streets!

Be the center of attention or the silent but cool person with Billion Creation’s sandals and slides! Any of those can surely give a hefty look that’s perfect for pairing with any streetwear ensemble. On a hot day where you need those feet to breathe, you’ll finally be able to experience bliss! What’s the hold-up? Check out Billion Creation’s sandals and slides now!