Back in the day, people could not let time “go by,” because then, time was gold. The same is applied to skaters, as you need the perfect time of day to skate. With Billion Creation bringing out a collection of watches made especially for your streetwear outfit — test your patience — because you’re in for one heck of a ride!

Shockproof Watches

Worried about falling and breaking your watch during your everyday outing? Try out the shockproof watches in Billion Creation! With durable watches available at Billion Creation, you’ll be able to find variants that are made to withstand bumps, hits, and even direct falls! Presented in a wide choice of colors, you can look cool while getting a watch that’s durable, dependable, and stylish. 

Digital Watches

If you don’t like shockproof watches cause of their bulky and heavy designs, then go simple — digital watches are where it’s at. With screens to replace clock hands, time will not be a hassle to read. Want that lightweight design? Avoid the feeling of dragging around a rock when skating! Billion Creation can make that a possibility. 

Hybrid Watches

Feeling like a daredevil is not so bad, so be different and wear a watch that shows off your diversity, thanks to Billion Creation’s Hybrid watch selection! Hybrid watches have both digital and analog types, making it unique even in the watch industry. With metallic color coating on their exterior, these watches can not only catch the attention of passers-by but also garner appreciation, for being both the beauty and the beast!

Casual Watches

Casual wear needs something casual to pair it up with. There is just something about having matched-up attire that makes it so attractive; so pair it with some casual watches! With a casual watch on your wrist, you will be the center of attention in no time. And all you had to do was wear a simple watch to match your outfit? With colors to match your top, a watch made for you is finally here, presented by Billion Creation!

Timing is the sweet spot in getting a trick, so clock in with one of Billion Creation’s many wristwear choices! As you bake in your style alongside the watches available, we’re sure that the outcome will be better than expected!