Billion Creation is proud to offer the best in Primitive skateboards, clothes, hats, and apparel. Primitive Skateboarding is a premium skateboard and streetwear company founded by the legendary Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez in 2014. The company was born out of love and passion for skateboarding, as well as the goal of inspiring skateboarders with their quality and unique products. Primitive started with humble beginnings as a small boutique in Los Angeles. Today, their products have become famous and have likely found their way to every skateboarder’s wish list.

Paul is one of the most famous pro-skaters in history. He began skating when he was only 12 years old after receiving a board for Christmas. Paul immediately grew passionate about the sport and was even quoted saying that he would sleep with his board. So far, he has won 8 medals at the X Games – the world record for the most wins. With his company, he shares his passion for skating and streetwear fashion to fellow skateboarders, both beginners, and pros alike.

Paul Rodriguez and his team originally opened Primitive sponsored by Plan B Skateboards in 2008. However, Paul quit the team with a desire to control his path, which brought him to create and sell 500 gold-foil Primitive decks. The skateboarding community wanted more, and with Jubal Jones and Andy Netkin’s help, they announced Primitive Skate on April 10, 2014.

The brand offers high-quality and stylish hardgoods and apparel with street skaters in mind. They have partnered with many other companies, like Nike and Vans, to provide products that will allow their customers to express their style freely.

They are best known for their bold and fearless designs on their Primitive hoodies, shirts, hats, accessories, and other clothing. Primitive Skateboarding also offers collaboration decks and griptapes featuring iconic rappers like Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. In 2018, they also released Primitive Dragon Ball Z, Rick and Morty clothing, skateboards, and other accessories.

Primitive’s gear is mostly inspired by skateboarding culture and music. Since this is something all expressive skateboarders can relate to, it has brought their company much success and continued growth. Apart from that, their designers express their love for streetwear fashion, which can be felt with every piece they manufacture.