JanSport first opened in 1967, and since then, they have set the world standard for multipurpose backpacks. They are committed to designing and creating bags that will take your essentials from one place to another with great functionality, durability, and design.

JanSport Backpacks

The first JanSport backpacks were either bags with frames or technical daypacks, all of which were made explicitly in the United States until the early 1990s. Their current designs are built to last a lifetime, with most of them supported by a suede bottom, making them even more durable.
JanSport backpacks at Billion Creation range from minimalistic plain black ones to the brighter design student backpacks.

About JanSport

It all began with a man named Murray Pletz and his girlfriend-turned-wife Janis Lewis. Murray and his cousin Skip Yowell were backpackers who had just graduated from college, but they didn’t have any interest in getting a real job. Because Janis knew how to sew, Murray proposed that if they could design a bag that would hit the stores, he would marry Janis and name the company after her. It ends up that’s exactly what happened.

At the back of a transmission shop owned by Skip’s uncle, the three outdoor lovers created their first framepack, which won a design contest for their use of aluminum. The bag caught the attention of other climbers, allowing them to develop and sell more bags. Their prototype was a success, and the company JanSport was born.

After a few years in the business, JanSport’s founders invited their friends to climb Mount Rainier. Those simple activities lead them to a record for the longest consecutive annual group climb, which they still own to this day. Last 2018, sixteen employees, retailers, international distributors, non-profit partners, and the media joined them for their 46th Annual JanSport Mount Rainier climb.

After almost 40 successful years in the industry, their backpacks and apparel continue to be wanted by millions all over the globe. Their world-class designs are efficient, flexible, and specially made for casual walkers and mountain climbers alike. Customers still prefer backpacks from JanSport for their trademark look and renowned quality.