Grizzly is one of the most famous brands among the skateboarding community.  Grizzly has expanded into a broad range of product lines, from Grizzly clothing and apparel, accessories, novelties, and skateboards to different outlets under the distribution of Diamond Supply Co. since 2010.

Grizzly Griptape

The Grizzly grip tape became a popular skateboard accessory because of its outstanding quality. When T-Puds decided to allow Diamond Supply Co. to distribute his good, the demands for more products greatly increased. In 2013, Grizzly began manufacturing a full line of the original Grizzly grip, Grizzly apparel, Grizzly skateboards, and accessories.

Grizzly grips at Billion Creation are made from quality materials. Torey, the founder, ensures that the tape is not only easy to apply on skateboards but also bubble-free to keep feet firmly planted on every ride.

Grizzly Clothing

Grizzly clothing includes Grizzly griptape shirts, skateboard t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, belts, beanies, and even the famous Grizzly hats. Socks and belts are also designed to carry the Grizzly brand.

Grizzly Accessories

Aside from Grizzly stickers and skateboard wax, Grizzly also has a wide variety of designs for pins, and cool stuff like backpacks wallets, and more. Novelty items, like an umbrella, sunglasses, coffee mug, beach towels, face masks, and more, are also produced with the bear logo.

About Grizzly

In 2001, Grizzly was established and founded by Torey Pudwill, or better known as T-Puds to all his friends and followers. He made the Grizzly bear logo when he was only 12 years old, using a baking mold in bear shape. As a skater boy, he appeared in different shows not only for his excellent tricks but also for being the all-time accident report holder. He had a total of 117 accidents at 13 years old. He also received several awards and recognition as a street skater. In 2011, he became the “Best Trick” titleholder and “Street Skater of the Year” recipient. His passion for skateboarding and the people who supported him inspired him to establish the business.

Grizzly Griptape is now one of the leading companies in skateboarding that produces grip tapes and also other technical sporting goods and apparel. Originally intended for fun, the Grizzly grip tape logo is now recognized in the entire skateboarding industry as a force to be reckoned with.