Fox is one of the leading brands for motocross and other racing gear and clothing all over the world. With over thirty years of experience in the business, Fox Clothing continues to fulfill its promise to riders with functional apparel while sporting their iconic logo.

Geoff Fox opened the company in 1974, hoping that they could help provide riders of extreme sports with clothing of exceptional quality that can both improve performance and offer superior comfort as well. Geoff Fox was a Ph.D. who taught physics at Santa Clara University when he first opened Fox Racing. His business was initially called Moto-X Fox, which grew from a distribution business in California, to a manufacturer of suspension and engine components for racers. Geoff’s brother, Bob Fox, was once part of the company too. He owned Fox Racing Shox, a brand of off-road racing suspension components. However, after three years, their companies split, and Fox Racing Shox became Fox Factory, Inc.

In 1977, Geoff brought together his motocross team, Team Moto-X Fox, to show the American public that his brand is exceptional. The team rose to fame and eventually became the top non-factory riders in highly competitive races.

During the AMA 125cc National Championship series, Team Moto-X Fox riders wore bright red, green, and orange clothing handmade by Fox Racing. It captured the eyes of fans and enthusiasts alike, leading them to call their shop in Campbell to inquire about their availability. From then on, riders wearing Fox’s clothing continued to collect championships, which brought the company even more fame.

The brand continues to sponsor the best riders in motorsport history, allowing them to research and develop better apparel after every race. Fox clothing is designed to withstand any racing condition, making research and development their best investment.

Today, their well-known Fox head logo has found its home on Fox shirts, stickers, tees, hats, and other moto apparel. They have even extended to other forms of Fox Racing gear like biking and surfing. Even after all their successful years, they have not stopped developing their products. Using the best technologies and designs, they advance their gear with quality, comfort, and performance in mind. Fox Clothing responds to professional suggestions only with the best sportswear. Shop the best Fox products today at Billion Creation.