Diamond Supply Co

Diamond Supply Co is a clothing company known for its American streetwear and skateboard products. It was founded in 1998 by Nickolas Tershay, who is also popularly known as “Nick Diamond” in the streetwear and skate world. Diamond Supply Co was initially established as skateboard hardware and aimed to revolutionize the skateboard by creating a bolt brand. Although the idea of having his designs of bolts for the skateboard decks did not work, his side business, which was the t-shirts, jackets, hats, and apparel, succeeded even more.

The brand expanded into a clothing line to align with the high demands of the skateboarding community. People of all ages continue to ask for more designs of Diamond shirts, Diamond hoodies, and all kinds of skater accessories created with their signature designs and high-quality material.

Diamond Supply Co started small, in his one-bedroom apartment, but because of Nick’s dedication and passion in the business field, his company became one offering a full range of skateboard hardware and streetwear. And eventually, the Diamond Supply Co clothing company reached far beyond the community of skaters, becoming a brand known worldwide. The team has continued to grow and now they design products such as his grip tape, skateboard wax, skateboard bearings, riser pads, and all kinds of accessories and apparel.


Collaborations with different companies also contributed a lot to the success of Diamond Supply Co. Without these collaborations, it was difficult for him to reach the entire skate community. The first collaboration was with Nike SB. He designed a sneaker for the skaters, and it went successfully well. The Diamond shoes Nike “Tiffany” Dunk SB became one of the most famous skater shoes in the world.

After seven years, the brand started to collaborate with other Streetwear brands like The Hundreds, Mishka, and Crooks & Castles. Another project with Puma and Asics followed after the brand collaborated with Nike. The said collaborations resulted in more designs of apparel and accessories offered by Design supply Co.

Elite Representation by Famous Pro Skateboarders

Professional Skaters like Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Bob Burnquist, Paul Rodriguez, Terry Kennedy, Kareen Campbell, and many more are among the famous athletes representing Diamond Supply Co. Several world-class superstars were seen wearing Diamond Supply Co shirts.

Flagship Stores

The first flagship Diamond Supply Co store was opened in Los Angeles in 2006, and two more stores were opened in 2013, one in San Francisco and the other in New York.

The brand has remained a staple brand for skaters, artists, and athletes all around the world, and their millions of fans. With more signature designs to come out soon and with more stores opening in parts of America, Europe, and Asia, the company is strongly focused on providing high-quality skateboarding and streetwear goods to please the masses. Shop the best of Diamond Supply Co. here at Billion Creation.