DC Shoes

DC Shoes put the swag and suave when it comes to skating across pavements and sliding in the snow. If you want to put on the classiest kicks that are equipped with the most innovative tech, then look no further. They can smoothly blend stylish couture, durability, and high quality in every pair. Born from the brilliant minds of Damon Way and Ken Block, the shoes in “Droors Clothing,” as it was initially named, aim to produce skating shoes with outstanding caliber. However, due to their exponential success, other investors came calling in. Quiksilver Company swiftly took notice, and this start-up shop eventually became part of the conglomerate in Huntington Beach. They did not know then that the DC Shoe brand would one day take over the world with a storm.

DC Shoes: Skating is Forever

With a well-thought-out rebranding strategy, DC Shoes was launched successfully in 2010 with a video entitled “Skating is Forever.” Famous sponsors and athletes suddenly came flocking for this stand-out brand. Professional skaters like Josh Kalis, Mikey Taylor, and Felipe Gustavo began modeling and advertising the brand, which propelled DC into the global arena.

In 2012, DC was able to offer something new with its “Women’s Fall 12 Collection”. During the “Rediscover Technology” Campaign, it mainly focused on DC shoes for men. Matt Miller was one of the household names that helped DC gain more supporters in 2014. Since then, DC Shoes Inc. was able to amazingly expand its goods, including snowboarding equipment and outdoor accessories.

DC Skate Shoes

After all the technology and inventions that DC Shoes had pioneered Action Sports will never be the same again. For more than two decades in the game, it has never failed to provide the best kicks for aspiring athletes and skaters alike. But they did not stop there. DC launched its collection of Skate Shoes that became the favorite pair among professionals. Their undeniable flair for combining edgy style and comfort has attracted a global audience loyal to the brand.

Aiming to help the community, DC sponsored to build a skating park in Kettering, Ohio. Nowadays, this park serves as a training ground for dreamers and athletes. DC skate shoes are perfect for everyone who wants to unleash their wild side.