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Black Scale, also known as BLVCK SCVLE, is a globally recognized brand of streetwear that offers edgy and avant-garde designs, mostly in dark colors like black and grey. Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles by Michael “MEGA” Yabut and Alfred De’ Tagle, Black Scale clothing started with a collection of ready-to-wear clothes printed with the brand’s graphics. They created the concept by combining religion, identity, government, and death. Being inspired by the past, present, and future, interpreting street fashion in balanced energy, Black Scale carries its slogan BLVCK is Forever.

Black Scale Clothing

Black Scale t-shirts are mostly in black color or in white and designed with streetwear style and graphics. Black Scale hoodies come in a wide variety of colors suitable for men and women. Black scale sweater and jackets are designed with the iconic Black Scale logo and trademark but in shades of black, grey, white, orange, and pink, too. Black Scale also has a line of bottoms for men and women. Billion Creation offers several designs of Black Scale shirts and sweaters.

About Black Scale

Michael “Mega” Yabut and his partner Alfred De Tagle established Black Scale in 2007 with the concept of going dark and black. They wanted to have a line of clothes that is different from other brands, especially in the streetwear brands.

It was actually after a year that they came up with the name Black Scale. The name was meant to be mysterious that they opted for the letter “V” for “A” in Black Scale, thus the name BLVCK SCVLE. The graphics and designs came out as inspired by the old school underground metal bands and punk bands or death metal art.

During the first year, the company maintained an online store, but in 2008, the first retail store in Union Square was opened. Because of having a physical location, the brand becomes more popular. The company did collaborations with Burton, Greg Yuna, Demon Mailer, A Bathing Ape, Adidas, A$AP Rocky, Timberland, HUF, Stussy, and more.