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Benny Gold is a San Francisco-based brand of streetwear that has grown from a small project to a recognized label and brand. The brand was established and founded in 2007 by Benny Gold, a famous skateboarder in San Francisco. His fame in skating became his inspiration in creating and naming his brand of apparels and clothing line, the Benny Gold brand.

Most of Benny Gold’s products bear the phrase “Stay Gold.” Staying Gold means staying true to passion. It is what the brand emphasizes in its line of clothes, apparel, and accessories.

Benny Gold Clothing and Apparels

Benny Gold has become a significant brand recognized worldwide. It offers premium quality clothes and apparels such as tees, shirts, outerwear, jackets, and vests.

Benny Gold becomes popular among large clothing companies that it yields to fruitful collaborations and partnerships. Miller Brewing Company teamed up with Benny Gold to continue the Miller High Life series. Super Bowl 50, Santa Cruz, CLSC, Boombotix, Jansport, Mighty Healthy, Huf, Diamond Supply, The Hundreds, and many more also did major projects with Benny Gold.

Benny Gold Accessories

Benny Gold accessories come in a wide variety of items such as bags, hats, caps, bottle openers, key chains, pins, and patches. These accessories are crafted to perfection and creatively designed with the brand’s iconic “Stay Gold” trademark using superior quality materials. Billion Creation offers white Benny Gold Anti-Work Wear Patch with a woven logo. This patch is one of the brand’s authentic pieces.

About Benny Gold

Benny Gold has a flagship store in Valencia Street, which became a popular tourist destination. After 12 years of successful operations, Benny Gold is saying goodbye to the industry. His business’s success put him in a situation wherein he no longer has time to create new designs, spending most of his time managing the market, the staff, and the entire operation. Benny Gold, the company’s founder, decided to go back to where the business started. The brand’s flagship store closes with half the price cut on all items. Benny Gold continues to create iconic designs, his true passion, the “Stay gold” passion.