40's and Shorties

The 40’s and Shorties is a brand of streetwear based in Los Angeles and founded by Adem Niazi, Ryan De La Cruz, and Drewbyrd in 2013. The company was first created to design funny and interesting socks. But in four years, the business grew and expanded its market, offering a lifestyle brand of full cut-and-sew apparel and a wide range of accessories.

40’s and Shorties Socks

The 40s and Shorties socks are made from high materials, as an example, 78% Cotton, 20% Polyester, and 2% Elastane. Other designs also have nylon and lycra as part of the materials. The socks are designed in different colors and prints to match the wearers’ outfit, style, or foot performance. Billion Creation offers a variety of designs of the 40s and Shorties socks with printed and woven graphics.

40’s and Shorties Clothing

The 40’s and Shorties clothing is a style of apparel and a fashion staple that suits anyone who loves the streetwear and the light and humorous graphics. The success of the 40’s and Shorties clothing line is also credited to partners and collaborators. The off-the-wall designs on each 40s and Shorties hoodie and 40’s and Shorties shirts are created as inspired by the founders’ interest and natural humor. Aside from the unique graphics and prints, all clothes are made from quality fabrics and pure cotton. Jackets, windbreakers, vests, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports shirts, boxers, and jerseys are also available.

40’s and Shorties Accessories

There are various designs and colors for hats, beanies, and caps that are designed with the famous 40’s and Shorties logo.

About 40’s and Shorties

Drewbyrd, Adem Niazi, and Ryan De La Cruz only wanted a funny but memorable name that will be easily remembered, and so the name 40’s and Shorties came up. Focusing on socks only, they never thought that the brand would be more than just a brand for socks.

The company went through a dramatic evolution after the success of 40’s and Shorties socks with the perception that the brand has the potential to grow more. With hard work, passion, and determination to reach the goals, the brand is no longer a small but popular one. Thanks to the bigger companies that trusted them, such as Shyne, Starcow, HLZBLZ, Off the Hook, Freddie Gibbs, Sam Hofbrau, and many more. More collaboration plans are still on the line-up.